Blocks for May

Block 6 – May 29


You will need-


  • 3 medium triangles – medium toned fabric – I fussy cut these to have the small wreaths of flowers in the centre of each piece
  • 1 medium triangle – light toned fabric – this triangle is the same size as the previous 3
  • 3 medium elongated triangles – light toned fabric but this fabric should contrast with the fabric used for the centre triangle

Method of construction –



This block can be completed with just 2 rows of stitching.  Stitch the 3 medium toned triangles to the light toned triangle in a continuous row of stitching.


Join the elongated triangles in one continuous row of stitching to complete the block.


Block 5 – May 26

You will need –


  • 3 large parallelograms – dark toned fabric – I have fussy cut these sections
  • 6 small half hexagons – medium toned fabric
  • 3 small diamonds – light toned fabric
  • 6 small triangles – light toned fabric but need to be a contrast to the diamonds

Method of construction –

Join 3 of the small triangles to the top edges of the parallelograms to create 3 large triangles.


Stitch a small triangle to the top of a half hexagon to create a small triangle.

Stitch the diamonds to the side of the 3 remaining half hexagons.  Check that the orientation is correct.

Stitch the 2 sections of the block together to create a large triangle.

Repeat to create a total of 3 triangles.


Layout the block as shown and stitch 3 sections together to create 2 half sections.

Join the 2 half sections to complete the block.

Block 4 – May 21

This block is not too complex and great for showing off our favourite prints.

You will need –


  • 3 large triangles – medium-toned fabric – these are ideal for showing off your favourite prints
  • 6 small diamonds – dark-toned fabric
  • 3 small diamonds – light-toned fabric
  • 9 small triangles – from the same light-toned fabric as the 3 small diamonds

Method of construction –

These triangles are made up of 3 sections.

The first section is a small triangle.

The centre section is made up of a small triangle and a small dark toned diamond.

The third section is made up of a small triangle, a small dark toned diamond and a light toned diamond.

Check the photo for the correct placement!




Join the 3 sections together to make a triangle.  Repeat for remaining 2 triangle sections.



Layout the 6 sections of the block, alternating the pieced and plain sections.

Stitch into sets of 3 pieces.  Stitch the 2 halves together to complete the block.

Block 3 – May 17

Todays’ block has a few more pieces than the previous blocks, but is still manageable when completed step-by-step.

You will need-

  • 2 small triangles – light toned fabric.
  • 8 small diamonds – also from a light toned fabric and with an obvious contrast to the small triangles
  • 12 half hexagons – 6 from a dark toned fabric and 6 from a medium toned fabric

I didn’t use any fussy cutting for this block!

Method of construction –

Start by joining each of the small triangles to a small diamond.


Join 3 dark toned half hexagons to the outer edge of each triangle/diamond set.  Join these 2 sections together.


Add the remaining half hexies to the outer edge.  This can be done using a continuous row of stitching.



To complete the block, add the remaining small diamonds to the outer corners.

Block 2 – May 5



Another block suitable to fussy cut.  This block can be completed using just 2 rows of stitching!

You will need –

  • 1 centre hexagon – dark toned fabric – this is ideal to be fussy cut.  Remember to place your template so the print is running from point to point as shown in the large photo above.
  • 6 small triangles – medium toned fabric – I have fussy cut these also.  The fabric I have used has a large square type pattern on it.  I place my triangles on the bias to use the corners of the squares.
  • 6 small wide triangles – light toned fabrics – I have used a background type fabric so the focus is on the star shape created by the pink triangles.

Method of construction –




Join the small triangles to the centre hexagon.  This can be done in a single row of stitching.





Add the background triangles to the completed centre section.

Again this can be done with a single row of stitching.

Block 1 – May 1

Our first block for the month is quite a simple block that is great for fussy cutting.

You will need –

  • 6 small diamonds – medium toned fabric
  • 6 half hexagons – dark toned fabric
  • 6 triangles – light fabric – I have cut 3 triangles from 1 section of print and the other 3 from a mirror image of the same print

Method for joining –



Join the centre triangles into 2 sets of three.






Join the 2 sets together to make a hexagon.






Add  a half hexagon to the top and bottom.






Make 2 sets of a small diamond and a half hexagons and join to the centre section.






Make 2 sections with the remaining diamonds and half hexagons. Join to the centre section to complete the block.