Preparing your Templates

Supplies required:

  • Cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler or scissors (not your fabric scissors!!!!)
  • Heat proof mylar or template plastic
  • The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar – photocopy the templates in the back of the calendar.
  • A fine point marker or pencil
  • Paper for the templates – I like to ‘heavy’ paper, which is approx. 120 gsm. This is slightly heavier than regular photocopy paper but lighter than card
  • A water-soluble glue pen or double sided sticky tape.

Use the water-soluble pen or a couple of small pieces of double sided tape to hold the mylar in place over the photocopy of the selected template. Cut out using the rotary cutter or scissors. Remember to cut on the inside of the black line.

Continue to cut the required templates.

Place the mylar template on the paper and draw around the outer edge with the fine point marker. Trace as many times as needed. Only a small gap is required between the templates.   Cut out each paper template on the inside of the drawn line.