Quilting Services

Do you have a quilt top that needs quilting?

We offer:

  • pantograph (edge to edge) quilting
  • blocks, sashing and borders quilting
  • stitch in the ditch with or without additional accent quilting
  • basting service for hand quilters
  • simple modern quilting such as straight line and matchstick quilting
  • customized computerized quilting

All quilting is done on a state-of-the-art Bernina Q24 with Qmatic automation and software.  We are based in Manly West in Brisbane’s Bayside only a few minutes drive from the Gateway Bridge.  We have customers based in all parts of Australia and will happily accept and return quilts via courier (we do recommend you insure them!).

Estimate of quilting charges can be obtained initially via email which includes clear photos and accurate measurements.  The cost can then be confirmed after receipt of the quilt.

Pick-ups and drop-offs are strictly by appointment only.


Calculating the cost of quilting

All prices listed below are estimates.  More detailed pricing can be provided after viewing the quilt top.

All prices below are per square foot.  Prices include your colour choice for top and bobbin from the standard range of threads.  Maximum quilt size is 100″ wide.

To calculate the square footage of your quilt top – multiply the width x the length and divide by 144 eg.  my quilt is 70″ wide and 80″ long.  70 x 80 = 5,600 ÷ 144 = 38.88 square feet.

Pantograph quilting

Pantograph or Edge to Edge quilting is a continuous line design stitched from side to side in rows without consideration to the pieced or appliqued designs of the patchwork quilt top.

  • light density designs including large all over stippling – $4.50/sq foot
  • medium/high density designs – $6.00/sq foot

Blocks, sashing and borders quilting

This form of customized quilting is ideal for patchwork quilt tops constructed using a traditional layout of uniform size blocks separated by sashing with outer borders.  The blocks may contain applique or embroidery which needs to be left unquilted.

  • simple motif quilting in each block with simple sashing and border quilting with no stitch in the ditch – from $8.50/sq foot.
  • background quilting for appliqued or embroidered blocks with sashing and border quilting with no stitch in the ditch – from $9.50/sq foot
  • stitch in the ditch quilting which is ideal for quilters who would like their quilt stabilized and would like to add focus quilting themselves – from $6.50/per square foot
  • stitch in the ditch quilting with additional quilting in the blocks, sashing and borders – from $10.50/per square foot

Basting Service for Hand Quilters

This basting is ideal for hand quilters or for those that would prefer to quilt on their domestic machines without the hassle of basting spray or pinning.  Choose from 1/4″, 1/2″ or 1″ basting stitches with the rows of stitching approx. 5″ apart.

  • $2.50 per square foot plus a $25 set up and turning fee.

Simple Modern Quilting

Straight line quilting (sometimes called matchstick quilting) or similar is perfect for modern quilts.  We also have available a selection of simple pantograph designs suitable for modern quilts.

  • $6.00 per square foot for straight line quilting with rows 3/8″ apart.

Customized Computerized Quilting

A fully customized quilting service to produce a beautiful heirloom quality quilt. We will work with you to create a tailored solution for your quilting needs. Ideal for quilts with irregular shapes blocks and may include features such as pebbles, crosshatching, chains of pearls and feathers.

  • from $10.00 per square foot

Additional charges

  • pressing/ironing quilt top or backing – $25.00
  • trimming threads – from $10.00
  • joining backing fabric or wadding – from $20.00
  • Squaring backing fabric – from $15.00


Tips for preparing your quilt top

Squaring your backing fabric

For best results, ensure that the raw edges of backing fabric have been torn.  It is not necessary to remove the selvedges from the edges.  This will ensure that the fabric can be pinned to the frame on the straight of the grain.  If your backing has been joined, ensure that the selvedges have been removed from the seams.  A 1/2″ seam allowance is ideal and the seams should be pressed open.

Backing and wadding must be at least 4″ larger on all sides.

Preparing your Quilt Top

  • Trim all threads from the back and seams of your quilt top.
  • Have your seams been pressed in the correct direction?  Seams will be stitched as per your pressing.
  • Do your borders lay flat without ripples or pulling?  Did you measure across the centre of the quilt to obtain the correct measurement for the borders?  If your borders have ripples or waves, it may be necessary to tuck or pleat the borders during the quilting process.  If your borders are too short, this can cause problems with getting the centre of the quilt straight and square.  If I have concerns about your quilt, I will always call or email to discuss prior to quilting.
  • Do not spray, pin or baste your layers together.  This is done on the quilting frame using tensioned rollers.
  • It is not necessary to trim extra backing or wadding.